Saving planner for a phone

Saving Planner for a Phone

If you want to buy a new phone, I have made a planner that can help you to save toward that goal.

The planner has options for iPhone, Samsung, and Google Pixel.

It is very easy and straightforward to use, all you have to do is to pick the phone you are interested in buying.

Then enter the number of days for how long you want to save. The spreadsheet will do the rest of the calculations.

It will show you the price of the phone and how much you must save per day, week, or month to get that phone.

Here is the demo of how the spreadsheet work.

Phone Savings Planner

To use this spreadsheet, click on the link below, and make sure to make a copy of the spreadsheet before you can use it.

Just go to File, then click on “Make a Copy”. once that is done, you can use the spreadsheet and customize it to your liking.

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